Prime Minister and I | Body Slams

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Prime Minister and I | Aggressive!Da-Jung

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Yul: This story…why would it end at the thousandth day? After passing one thousand days, would the anger and resentment be gone? Or the author’s stories ran out?
Da Jung: Well…isn’t it more that the story ended because the sleepless Sultan was able to sleep deeply after one thousand nights?
Yul: As the Sultan was able to sleep well, the story ended too…like that?
Da Jung: Since the Sultan was able to finally fall asleep, he let go of the anger and resentment. There’s no need for any more story, as he got his peace of mind.

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My wife’s last words to me were that she was lonely. Lonely. So lonely she wanted to die and she couldn’t endure it. Not once did she ask for forgiveness or make any excuses. She just left after saying she was lonely. I couldn’t forgive her- No…I couldn’t forgive myself for making her feel that way. I made her that way. Making excuses, saying I was tired, I never looked back at her. How lonely she was, how much she cried…I really didn’t know anything. Does a person like me have the right to love someone again?

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Mu Hyuk: What do you think you’re doing? We’re in school!
Yeon Hwa: You threw me a telepathic message as you passed by me in the hallway.
Mu Hyuk: No, I didn’t…

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Detective John Kennex…I’m Dorian. How are you?

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I believe that I love you,
shaking me up crazily.
I believe that I love you,
my swaying love.
In case you get scared
and hide if I go to you
Though it hurts to death,
I only look at you. [x]

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Giant | Relationships (1/5)

     ↳ President Yoo and President Hwang
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Ok, guys.


I changed the themes for my Personal Blog and my GIF Blog, then I color coordinated my Review Blog to match.

Let me know how they all look!

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Lee Bum Soo in The Righteous Thief

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When I could not be rid of my resentment and unhappiness and my rage could not be stopped with ruthlessness, she was the one who rescued me. The one who came to find me when I could not sleep…my Scheherazade.

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New Followers


Welcome everyone! I’m glad to have you guys on my page.


Since I’ve just gotten a fair number of new followers I feel like I should warn everyone about my blog in case you wake up one morning and see something that traumatizes or disgusts you for life. lmao

I created this blog as a place to post GIFs of shows/movies I watch. You can learn more about me and what I post on my personal blog. I have linked you to all my blogs in the sidebar. Since this is a GIF heavy blog, I advise those sensitive to flashing gifs to avoid following.

I post anything from Asian Dramas/Movies to Doctor Who. I also like violent and bloody material (i.e True Blood, Dexter, anything from Takashi Miike, etc.). I also will probably make some adult material (not porn but maybe movie/show sex scenes). I do tag religiously so I will tag all violent material ‘violence’ and ‘gore’ and all adult material ‘NSFW’ so you can Tumblr Savior those things, if you get offended by it.

Since I’ve given fair warning before I posted anything out there, I no longer take responsibility for any shocks you might receive should you choose to not read this message.

Anyway, that’s all guys. I hope you have fun on my blog.


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The first face this face saw…

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